What is a Doula?

I hear you ask……… What is a doula? How does a ‘Mental Health Doula’ differ? Well let us explain….

A doula is a non-medical person, who is employed to provide continuous care before, during and after childbirth. This care is likely to consist of providing up to date, accurate, unbiased information, physical support and emotional support.

There is lots of evidence based research that shows that doula’s increase the likelihood of a woman experiencing a positive birth, as well as reducing the likelihood of medical interventions during labour. For more information you can check out The Mental Health Doula.

Doula to support your mental health

The Mental Health Doula is a small team of doula’s who work for PND Mummies. We offer the usual services that you would expect to see a doula offering, but in addition we have a clear focus on supporting your mental health throughout pregnancy, birth and postnatally.

We know that 1 in 5 women suffer with some type of perinatal mental disorder, ranging from mild to severe. By focusing on mental wellbeing throughout our work with you, we can help you to put strategies in place that will help you manage in the best way possible.

50% of our fees are retained by PND Mummies CIC, to help with providing a centre that is open five days a week, to support women with perinatal mental illness.